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Jul 2021

Trusting Your “Gut” Feelings

by Vandana Atara Aura

a1f28608-232c-4e4b-83a1-bc391d49f468Everyone senses and perceives information differently and it’s all good!

The challenge arises when we tend to doubt, compare, or judge our telepathic abilities and assume that we’re not really that special so we can simply fit in with everyone else in this reality.

Well, is that way of being in the world truly honoring how special you are?

Not really. How many times in the span of your entire life have you ignored, second-guessed, denied, refused, or resisted your feelings, and what was the outcome? 99.999% of the time your intuition was correct and on target. So, what’s the value of hiding your clairsentient abilities from others?

Rather than visually see past the physical realm, clairsentient psychics can feel and sense energies that others might be unaware of. If you’ve ever felt that something was about to happen and it did, but you don’t quite know how you knew, you might just be clairsentient.

You might also sense the presence of spirits or entities near or far, when someone is sick or hurt, and when someone possesses strong positive or negative energies.

The most important thing for clairsentient psychics to remember is to trust their instincts. When clairsentient psychics doubt their instincts, they are creating a block so they can’t help themselves or others.

When I meet someone new, I immediately tune in to my body and can feel my energy moving to a particular area that provides the information I need to know to make a choice if I would like to stay connected to that person or if it’s not a vibrational fit. For example, just the other day, I was speaking to someone on the phone and my stomach felt like it was being tied up into a knot. When I asked myself why, the answer was because he was carrying around a lot of misplaced anger and unresolved emotional content around women from his past relationships, and I was definitely feeling it in my “gut”. With the messages my body received during this conversation, I chose to not engage with this person, which was the best decision my body could have ever made for me.

How grateful are you for the downloads, messages, and awareness your body gives you everyday, even in the form of pain, so we can choose a healthier lifestyle? It’s truly amazing how much pleasure we can allow ourselves to feel as well after a relaxing massage, body work, or a loving embrace from a friend, partner, or lover.

You also might feel the presence of angels, archangels, and loving compassionate guides by getting “angel bumps,” which happen to me often when I ask for deeper clarity or confirmation about anything or anyone I’ve been asking about.

If I’m in a supermarket shopping for dinner, as soon as I pass by an aisle with certain food choices, I instinctively know what my body needs or should avoid. It will either light up and feel expansive or contract and feel tight; I might even experience nausea or a definite yes or no answer.

When I work with clients, I always ask to clear way all fear blocks and release resistance to trusting the “gut” to rise above any situation and see life from a higher perspective. I invoke angels, archangels, and councils of light from the higher realms to reawaken their soul gifts and divine essence as an eternal soul. This is the first step towards establishing a deeper connection with our invisible helpers beyond the veil, which aligns us with the wisdom and loving compassion stored in our holy heart.

Many doctors from all traditions agree that the gut (abdomen) is the center of your emotional intelligence and can be looked at as a second brain.

Your body knows and is aware of everything and has its own innate intelligence. Sometimes we have to disconnect from our minds to reconnect with our bodies. It only takes a few precious moments out of the day to step outside and commune with nature, which reminds us to breathe, feel our feelings, and then release them into the earth to be recycled into something better for all of us.

Please know that you can always trust your initial feelings about anything your mind has been trying to figure out. When you listen to your intuition and take inspired guided action by tuning inwards, you can unlock anything that’s keeping you stuck or frozen, so you can move forward with grace and ease.

All it takes is getting out of our own way.

a13f172e-b519-4df8-8e38-74f233c0adcdVandana Atara Aura is the creator of Accelerated Light Healing
and teaches and facilitates Living Light Infusions, Attunements,
and Liquid Light Transmissions. Her intention is to assist you to accelerate rapid change and profound transformation. She offers private and group channeled messages, classes, and healing activations online and in person. Email Vandana at: Receive a complimentary self-love healing video activation,

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