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Jul 2021

The Why and How of Meditation

by Rev. Sandy Guarnotta


The most effective way to meditate is by staying present. The most common mistake about meditation is that you need to ‘stop thinking.’ In fact, your focus should be to discern your thoughts, by thinking about one thing at a time. While engaged in meditation this (one thing at a time) could be: breathing, a mantra, or an image. One of the most important key functions of meditating is spirit teaching us how to discern our thoughts from their communication in the form of telepathic message.

Where Should I Meditate?

You may wish to set aside your own private sanctuary, a calm, quiet and peaceful place. You might include objects or icons that have spiritual meaning for you. You also want to identify the element in which your soul resonates and finds comfort and meditate in the element. Soul elements are earth, water, sun, stars/moon, and nature.

How Should I Position My Body When I Meditate?

The key is to find the way that is comfortable for your body. Remember, you can meditate anytime, anywhere. Keep your eyes open if possible, to keep all of senses open. This takes practice, so at first you may want to start with your eyes closed and slowly work up to eyes open by doing so in increments of time. The goal is not to fall asleep, but to find yourself in a state of “relaxed alertness.”

How Long Should I Meditate?

Many texts recommend 20 minutes, twice daily, but it’s not how long you meditate; it’s whether the practice “brings you to a certain state of mindfulness and presence”.

Why Meditate?

The focus of meditation is to change neuronal wiring and cognitive schematic patterns, which will improve physical and mental health and soul development. The state the body enters in meditation is referred to as the place where we connect with the Divine. In connection with the other side, we are in our higher consciousness. It is in this state that we become aware of our soul purpose and what is necessary for our ascension. Meditation also provides the ability to make you more calm and activate your body’s self-repair/healing system. Neuroscience found that meditation shifts brain activity to different areas of the cortex. When your mind focuses on a particular part of the body, the blood flow to that part increases for cells to receive more oxygen and other nutrients in abundance. This mental shift decreases the negative effects of stress, mild depression and anxiety. There is also less activity in the amygdala where the brain processes fear. Researchers at Harvard Medical School discovered that in long-term practitioners of meditation a higher number of ”disease-fighting genes” were active when compared to those who did not practice meditation.

When you strive towards being present, your actions and not thoughts alone help shape your reality.
9560f4af-e9f2-4169-88c9-be32ee2f8834Rev. Sandy Guarnotta is a psychologist for over 30 years who also has a lifetime pursuit of spiritual development. Sandy is an internationally known psychic, medium, healer and medical intuitive. Clients have called her readings extraordinary and life changing, and her CD, “Healings from Beyond,” a miraculous healing tool. The host of New Realities TV has called her a “visionary for the planet”. Sandy offers individual sessions, classes, meditations, workshops and special events in New York City, Connecticut, and Long Island.

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