Suite Features

TRS consists of ten private rooms and eight conference rooms, lounge, small gift shop, book store and snack bar. All flooring is solid wood.Tasteful graphics, plants, crystals, lighting, and decorative furnishings grace The Suite and provide an optimum environment for the successful conduct of your work. All group rooms have at least one fully windowed wall. Two private rooms have windows.

Complimentary Services

Included in room rental rates:

  • Appointments: TRS staff will make appointments with your clients for you based on your schedule and our availability.
  • Collection of fees: TRS will collect fees for you from your private clients whether it be cash or checks made out to you. TRS will also take registration fees for workshops/lectures.
  • Free Wi-Fi Service. Wi-Fi wireless available throughout the Suite. High-Speed Ethernet connections are also available in Group Rooms.
  • Phone service. Phone calls for registrations, reservations, appointments, messages, etc. taken by TRS staff.*
  • Mail Service. You may have your professional mail sent here without extra charge to you.*
  • Teaching Aids: White boards, flip charts,audio,cassette player/recorders, easels/tripods, conference tables.
  • Lighting Choice: Your lighting choice of indirect incandescents with dimmers or overhead fluorescents.
  • Waiting Area: Large waiting area for your clients.
  • Business Cards: “Generic” business cards for your use.
  • Literature Rack displaying your flyers.
  • Business Address and Phone: Use of TRS address and phone number on your materials for work done at TRS is permissible.
  • Massage tables for body workers and other healers.
  • CD Players: Each room is equipped with a CD/tape player, fan and clock. Music CDs are available at the front desk.
  • Free use of TRS Candles.
  • Lounge/Waiting area. Use of cafe and lounge areas for eating, drinking and relaxing while working here.
  • Beverages: Tea and filtered water are complimentary.

*If you will be away for more than a month, and wish to maintain mail and telephone service, you will be charged for four (4) hours a month ($100).

The Planetary Gazette

Write your own column or cartoon or advertise your events in our monthly email newsletter.

Services available at extra charge

  • Participation in Co-operative Emailings and Advertising Ventures on a shared cost basis.
  • Photo-copies: B/W $.15 each. Duplex copies… $.25each Color copies..$.50 each. All proceeds to animal protection groups.
  • Fax service: Sending: first page $1.00, all other pages $.50. Receiving: $.50 each page.
  • Snacks: A selection of freshly prepared foods and beverages, including bottled waters are available. All are vegan and organic, (no meat, fish, fowl, eggs, preservatives, chemicals, with nothing artificial). Tea and filtered water are complimentary.
  • Lockers: $5.00 per month, payable on a semi-annual basis.
  • Linens: Sheets ($1.00), towels ($1.00), pillowcases ($.50) are available for rental as well as disposable face-cradle covers ($.50).
  • Media Rentals: TV/VCRs and Overhead projectors are each $20.00 for the event. Multi media projector availalble at $45/event. Screen is $10. Please reserve this equipment ahead of time.