House Rules

We are really glad to have you as part of our extended family of professionals. We will do our best to make you comfortable during your work time with us, whether you are here five days a week or only once every now and then. The purpose of TRS is to give everyone who seriously wishes an opportunity to practice, hold meetings, or teach, the ability to do so. Hourly room rentals were created to make it affordable. It is truly America in action. We are a private organization, not subsidized by any grants or public funds or tax benefits.

TRS is, by definition, a cooperative effort on the part of all who work here. By our nature, we serve many different types of professionals and organizations. In essence, we are interdependent. Hourly rentals require a great deal of work on the part of the staff, and respect on the part of all the professionals who do their work at TRS: respect towards TRS and towards each other.

We have established certain guidelines to insure that everyone’s needs are taken into consideration. We ask your cooperation in following these courtesies towards the staff, the Suite itself, and your fellow professionals. The TRS staff thanks you in advance for this cooperation. In turn, we pledge to make your time here pleasant and productive. If there is anything that we can do to make you more comfortable, or this experience more effective, please let us know.

Room Rental

All rooms are rented by the hour. The minimum time for private rooms is one hour. After the first hour, private room rental fees are prorated by the quarter hour. That means you can rent for an hour and a quarter, half, etc. You are charged the quarter hour when the clock goes past that quarter hour.

Conference rooms begin with a two hour minimum. After that time, the rental fee is also prorated by the quarter hour.

If you need more time than you have requested, you must come to the front desk to ask if it is possible. Please do not assume that you may simply stay later.

You may set aside the same time each week. These are “ongoing” reservations. You may still cancel with a 24 hour notice. However, if you cancel 3 weeks in a row we will take back that time slot from your ongoing schedule. These requests must be in writing. Please ask for a form at the desk. You need to check back with us to see if the time requested is available.

You may request a particular room, and if at all possible we will honor that request.

Room assignments may change from week to week or day to day. Please ask your clients to check in at the front desk when they arrive. Our staff is required to ask everyone whom they are here to see.

Your Responsibility

You need to finish your work within the time you have planned. If you need additional time, you need to check 10 MINUTES before your session ends. If we do not have the option of allowing you to continue, you need to end the session and vacate the room, because someone else is waiting to begin their work.

You are responsible to see that your clients are out of the room on time. Whether or not you are in the room with them, you will be responsible for any extra time, if available, that is used : i.e.: for a client to dress.

You are responsible for the time you have booked, regardless of the time you arrive. If you arrive late for your session, you are still charged from the time you booked. If you need extra time, please ask at the desk before you start, to see if time is available. You must pay for that additional time.

Cancellation Policy

We are very strict about cancellations. It is the only way we can insure that everyone is treated fairly, whether he/she is here five days a week or only once a year.

Our Voice Mail is date stamped and available 24 hours a day. You may leave a message regarding cancellations at any time.

Private Rooms: If you need to cancel an appointment, or, change the time of your appointment, you need to give 24 hours notice. That means, if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be responsible for the full fee. If you need to change an appointment time in the same day, you will be responsible for both times.

If you make an appointment for the same day, you won’t be able to cancel it, since there will be less than 24 hours notice.

Group Rooms: If you cancel a group booking with less than three weeks notice, you will be responsible for half of the fee. If you give us less than one week’s notice, you will be responsible for the full amount

If you book a group room for a date less then three weeks away from the day you booked, you WILL NOT be able to cancel without penalty.


We accept cash, checks or credit cards for payment of room rentals.

We do not accept third party checks or checks made out to TRS from your client.

Private Rooms: We require payment at the time of service or beforehand. Some practitioners prefer to put down $100 or more and then replace it as it is used. This is not necessary. You may pay for the space each time you use it, if that is easier, as long as you stay current with your account.

Everyone is required to keep a $50 deposit for private rooms at TRS.

Group Rooms require a 50% deposit to confirm a booking. The balance is due by the time of the event before class.




Catering/food service: You may bring in food, or have food catered for your meeting. If you have a caterer come in, you must first check with the staff. Our kitchen is completely vegan: that means that no animal products are allowed in the refrigerator or in the microwave or stove. If you have animal products brought in, please arrange for them to be brought directly into your room.

All meetings, work, professional consultation, etc. are to be conducted inside the room that you have rented. No business may be conducted in the lounge area or any other non-private area of The Suite. The lounge area is intended for social purposes only. Tea and water are available on a complimentary basis. You may choose to sit with your client in the lounge before or after a session, to socialize or share a cup of tea, etc. You MAY NOT begin or continue a session in the lounge area.

Lounge/Waiting Area: Groups will not be allowed to conduct preliminary functions like registration or solicitation of any materials, contracts (for business groups) in the lounge. Please plan for this part of your meeting or class to be covered during your reserved meeting time inside your room.

No one is expected or allowed to solicit anyone in the lounge/waiting area. TRS staff will greet and direct all individuals to the proper rooms. No exceptions.

Many different professionals practice at TRS—from psychotherapists to business groups. We feel that everyone has the right to privacy and comfort at TRS. Many people waiting for appointments or meetings do not wish to be engaged by people they do not know.

Similarly, many business groups do not like to think that their participants, whom they have gotten at their expense, may be subject to some other group’s influence.

Professional and peaceful work ethics demand that everyone simply lets the staff find out who is who and direct them to the proper place.

As you walk to your room or back to the lounge area, please speak softly. You will be passing the doors of people working with their clients. We ask that you do not interrupt anyone’s process, even accidentally.

Please do not open any doors that are closed. If you are not sure that a room you are going into is occupied, please come to the desk to ask. We will assist you.

Massage tables are for massage, or body work only – not for use as a table for paperwork, etc. If a table is damaged due to improper use, we will consider you responsible for the repair cost.

Each room is equipped with a CD/tape player, fan and clock. Please do not remove these items.

Please close the door while you are in session. This applies to both private and group rooms.

Respect for plants and the space: Under no circumstances are objects to be placed in plants and/or their containers. No holes are to be gouged in the walls, etc. in order to hold anything. Only masking tape or putty is to be used to attach posters, etc. to the walls.

Use of scent/smoke-producing products

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Regulations and Guidelines was designed to make sure that everyone can work without hindrance to their particular health need whether they use a wheelchair or have respiratory difficulty. We also serve a community that considers certain practices like candles and incense as part of religious/spiritual practice. In view of this, we are setting the following guidelines on using any scent/smoke-producing product.

  • Incense/oils: Incense may be burned for only one minute to create whatever effect (spiritual /cleansing/ ambient) is desired. Then it must be extinguished. Anyone causing a smoky condition or breathing problem, will be asked to pay for the use of that room (or whatever room must be vacated due to the condition), until that room is habitable again. This will be determined by the staff.
  • Moxa: Acupuncturists are asked to use NO MOXA. Please use other methods of treatment augmentation.
  • Candles: If you have a candle or incense lit, DO NOT leave the room for any reason. Even if you only go to the rest room, or come to the front desk, extinguish the flame. We are very serious about this for everyone’s safety. Only TRS candles (enclosed in glass) may be used. Please ask for them at the front desk.


Acupuncturists and any medical personnel who deal with needles or sharps of any kind are responsible for disposing of them in the proper sharps container.

Linens and towels from TRS must be returned to the Laundry Basket in the the back hallway near Room “E” in section “B”. No exceptions, please.

If any oil remains on the massage table, please clean the table before you leave the room. Spray bottle and paper towels are in the closet.

If you or your client takes beverages or water into the rooms with you, it is your responsibility to bring any cups with liquids back to the tea bar area.

Recyclable cans and bottles must be brought to the Recyclable Container in the Lounge.

Please be careful to keep wax and incense off the floors and to prevent burns on tables, chairs, or the floor, etc. If we find that this occurs during your rental time, we need to charge you for the damage, i.e. replacing the carpet in a room, or, professional cleaning, or, resurfacing of wood floors, wooden desks and other tables., chairs, etc.