About TRS

Since we have moved into a new neighborhood, we are beginning to introduce ourselves to our neighbors. We look forward to offering programs to help people educate themselves to enjoy happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Our practitioners are the folks who actually volunteer their time to make this possible. We look forward to seeing you as soon as we can!

TRS welcomes interaction with the community. We are about opening doors, turning on the light and letting folks make up their own minds about what works for them. About helping people fulfill their individual needs, spiritual, educational and professional.

Since we are primarily involved with healing modalities, (after all, isn’t EVERYTHING a form of healing?) many of which the general public may be unfamiliar with. TRS appreciates helping to create the opportunity to reach out to the community for this purpose. To teach and demonstrate modalities many may be either unaware of, or if aware of the names of the modalities, not knowing what they actually are, or how and when to use them.

So we have created two events to which everyone is invited. Both are free to the public.

Our FREE Monthly Lecture Series is offered each month on the third Thursday from 7pm to 10 pm and it is held at TRS . Four of our practitioners speak, demonstrate and/or actually invite the audience to experience his or her particular modality. The presentations are clear and indepth. Since an important tenent of New Age or alternative healing depends on taking responsibility for oneself, knowledge is vital. Learning how each possible healing teachnique is applied is equally important. There is always time for your questions. You will even get the chance to speak with the presenters after the event during the reception.

We have also created our “HAPPY HEALING HOURS” TM. This event is also free to the public. It involves TRS practitioners donating their time to offer mini sessions of about fifteen minutes to allow people to actually try out that modality. It is FUN, it’s FREE, and most folks stay for the full time we are there. Then there are giveaways, prizes and raffles, involving all sorts of great stuff, like dinners to fantastic organic, vegan gourmet restaurants, (like Candle 79), a box of organic produce from a home delivery service (like Urban Organics), gifts from local merchants (like Health 4 U organic market). etc. Often we even include some great bands, (The Slackers, October Project, The Brazz Tree)

We are proud to partner with Borders Books Kips Bay, right in our neighborhood, in fact, just a stone’s throw from the office. Throughout the year, as Borders honors different professionals in New York City, “Teachers Appreciation Days”, or “Healthcare & Fitness Professionals. with generous discounts on books, etc, TRS joins in the celebration by bringing our HAPPY HEALING HOURS” event to the store location (576 Second Avenue at 32nd Street) So amidst the giant balloons, free crystals, delightful organic, vegan refreshments, lots of laughter and all the wonderful practitioners donating their time, everyone who comes to Borders has a fun time. We will be there on Tuesday,March 28, from 3-8 pm. for Borders “Teachers Appreciation Days” Come on over and say hello, meet some wonderful and generous professionals and have some fun!