TRS Professional Suite
Jul 2021

Trusting Your “Gut” Feelings

Everyone senses and perceives information differently and it’s all good! The challenge arises when we tend to doubt, compare, or judge our telepathic abilities and assume that we’re not really that special so we can simply fit in with everyone else in this reality. Well, is that way of being in the world truly honoring how special you are?

The Why and How of Meditation

Why, where and how should I meditate? Rev. Sandy Guarnotta shares her advice on how to get started.

What If Life Was Always Simple & Easy?

By Carolyn Goldfarb Do you ever wonder what if life was simple and easy? What would it be like if everything just came to us without effort or thought?  I think about this often. I do know if it was all that easy, it wouldn’t mean as much.  Joy wouldn’t seem as happy, and sadness